storeWe focus on natural, holistic, often organic and environmentally responsible remedies, food, toys, supplies. These include health support for such issues as allergies, glandular support, arthritis, dental hygiene and emotional issues. This is possible through herbal, holistic, homeopathic and supplements. We carry the highest quality human-grade foods and treats. Our collars, leashes, toy’s and bedding are made by companies who take the environment and allergies into consideration.

Serving the pet parents community with our knowledge and experience in pet health and wellbeing is the most important focus of Wellness Pet supplies. Just like pet parents we understand that our animals are our family and that we want the best for them.

Wellness Pet Supplies was created by Billie Jo Vinson and Doug Strain in 2017 in the heart of Ashland Oregon. It is a combination of their passions and goals in life. These include herbology, nutrition and helping people with their pets.

Billie Jo graduated with an herbalist degree in Portland, Oregon, in 1997. From there she worked for the next six years as the herbalist and buyer at Whole Foods Market in San Francisco, Ca. After 6 years she decided to return to her first love, animals. In 2003 she founded her first company a professional pet care service in Oakland, Ca. For the next thirteen and a half years she, along with several employees, made it a thriving success. They quickly developed a reputation as the premier pet care service in the area. Having gone through the Dog Tec dog walking academy course, they became widely known for their knowledge of animal behavior, safety and professionalism.

“I can say without hyperbole that choosing Billie Jo’s company was the best decision I’ve made in the past year. Our pitty is a new dog, a truly miraculous transformation. Billie Jo really saved my doggy family from an unhappy life” J Erin Hutchinson

“The service level that is provided by Walk-N The Dog is so far and above all other dog walking/dog sitting companies. The team is always professional, detail-oriented, consistent with policies and procedures, and most of all, so incredibly loving with our dogs and so incredibly respectful of our home. In a world of casual dog walkers, what we love most is that Billie Jo takes great pride in her business. She requires a level of professionalism that is hard to find elsewhere.” John and Kendall Glynn

Wellness Pet Supplies from Duende Films - by Ken Mendoza on Vimeo.